About us - African Hartebeest Safaris Limited

At African Hartebeest Safaris,

We have lined up authentic experiences fit for all pocket sizes, all with a goal of delivering an experience of a lifetime.

African Hartebeest offers a wholesome and distinct insight into the wonders of Africa’s amazingly diverse landscape, wildlife, history and cultural heritage. Our expeditions are crafted by a diverse family and team born-bred in Africa, who love the continent and care to deliver the finest tour experiences from a native perspective.

This natural advantage allows us to introduce and discern to travellers with shared interests the varied authenticity of Africa: its people, breathtaking beauty, the power of raw life to its unforgettable sense of wilderness and outback sovereignty.


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Our Mission

To register a delightful experience at every travel opportunity.

Our Vision

We at African Hartebeest Safaris are committed to providing World class travel experience by delivering timely affordable services that benefit our clientele. We envision that African Hartebeest Safaris shall become the platform of choice for the everyday traveler, providing convenient and seamless travel experience.

African Hartebeest Safaris cares for people and the environment, and because of this, we have integrated responsible tourism in our programs, investing resources in wildlife conservation efforts, environment conservation and the wellbeing of indigenous cultural communities. We support the plastic ban campaign in Kenya and especially in the game parks.

AHS continues to participate in programs that empower the boy child, the girl child, women and families living in poverty within and without our communities. African Hartebeest Safaris Ltd is a member of the Kenya Association of Tour Operators(KATO).