GEDE RUINS - A SUNKEN CITY$25 per person ( half a day )

Welcome to the jungle! Entangled by ancient baobab trees, the well-preserved remains of this once thriving Swahili settlement rise from the very heart of the Kenyan bush.

Only about a 30 minute car ride from the hotel, the Gede remains one of the greatest mysteries of East Africa.

Listen to the mystical silence of the age-old buildings during a tour around the ruins and try to solve the riddle of why this prosperous city was so suddenly abandoned by its citizens in the late 16th century.

For a little tip you can enjoy the view from the platform of an old Baobab tree, get an overview and maybe even see huge endemic owls.

Excursion Details

Duration: Half a Day
Number of Participants: Minimum 4 persons
Services Included: Transfers,Guide
Guide Price: USD. 25 per person


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